Taxi Montenegro Taxis from Podgorica and Tivat airport

Our Complete Website Solution frees up the time, cost and technical expertise required to build and operate your own successful online travel business. Public transport of passengers in the municipality of Tivat is done by buses, taxis and sporadically by maritime transportation. Public bus lines are connected to the main artery of the traffic network in Tivat, the Adriatic Highway. All companies that sell transfers promise English-speaking drivers. In practice, some are almost fluent, most are average, but all are able to communicate in basic English. A driver will be assigned to you approximately one day before departure.

Then he will take you directly to the door of your hotel or apartment. If you live in an apartment and don’t have a local number or DrimSim, you can ask the driver to call the landlady. Only it is not the big taxi companies that do this, but individual drivers and small unknown companies.