Decorative rods help to enhance and add a finishing touch to the style of any room. 

Decorative Rods

Create a unique bespoke finish to your windows with a decorative rod on your curtains. Innovative curtains & blinds combined  both modern and traditional techniques to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Extremely versatile and are able to  accommodate all pleat systems. Our rods are able to be bent to almost any application also continuously curved. Decorative rods  consist of a wide range of wooden poles, Brass rods, Stainless steel rods, powder coated aluminium rods, right through to the classic wrought iron rods.

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We offer a large range and a wide choice of styles of rings. From traditional wooden rings to contemporary solid metal rings. All available in a variety of finishes.


Finials available from traditional to contemporary style. Every finial is custom finished to your specifications, allowing you the opportunity to create a truly individual finial.

Hold backs  

Hold backs are available from traditional to contemporary style. Every hold backs is custom finished to your specifications. All available in variety of finishes.